Monday, November 15, 2010

Blast From the Past

So the above picture is a little different form of a family picture than you're used to seeing on this blog. Unfortunately it doesn't involve Nathan or Owen, but it shows a different form of family - our church family. For the first time this year, Jonathan and I are serving as youth ministers at the church in Hope. It's been a blast getting to know the kids and remembering the not-too-long-ago days when we were CYM kids. Although we've had meetings and a few local events, this weekend was our first time testing the waters of truly leading the pack.

Friday afternoon we loaded up and took these 10 kids to Little Rock for the Region 10 Catholic Youth Conference - a gigantic convention for Catholic high schoolers from all of Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma. As you might imagine, the place was packed! However, we all made it there safely and returned with 10 tired teens - safe and sound. It was a whirlwind of a weekend and the theme was social justice. Everything from the fun praise and worship music to the powerful speakers to a March for Justice to the Capitol reflected this. It was a lot to take in over just a few days, but I hope each of our kids received a new outlook on the Catholic social teachings.

Although the conference itself was great, something Jonathan and I really enjoyed was watching ourselves in these kids. Our story actually begins at a Catholic Youth Convention, where we met my sophomore year. At one point over the weekend, a group of my girls were talking with a group of Catholic High School boys and all I could do was smile and try not to eavesdrop. More than a decade ago, I loved meeting new people and who in the world would have imagined - my husband! We are both very thankful for what CYM has given us and it's our pleasure to now be involved as the old grown-ups. :) Plus we get to hang out with these guys:

They're really good kids... I promise. :) Happy Monday, y'all!

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