Friday, November 26, 2010

Hooray for Picture Day

How's that for a 25-week belly shot?? I told you it would be great! :) I was just sifting through the shots Meredith took last weekend and trying to determine what our Christmas card will look like this year. I figured I might as well toss a few on here to share. Yep, I knew you would appreciate it. Enjoy these photos and look for yours in the mail in the next few weeks! I hope everyone was as stuffed as a turkey after a fantastic Thanksgiving and spent today sleeping it off. We had a wonderful meal with family and now we are spending the weekend with friends. Check back soon and who knows - there may be a Christmas update. Happy Friday!

(PS - That last pic is one of my absolute favorites, but unfortunately you will only be able to enjoy it here, as it didn't make the cut. Nathan's inappropriate hand placement gets me every time!)

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