Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Preschool, Pilgrims & Pizza

I don't know if it's recorded anywhere that the Pilgrims and the Indians feasted over a hot slice of pepperoni, but Nathan, Nana and I sure had fun at NCA's annual Thanksgiving Pizza Party! Nana and I skipped out of work for a few hours and headed to Nashville for holiday fun. Nathan was so pumped about seeing us at preschool that he couldn't stop talking about it on the way to school this morning. His face lit up when we walked in and then got even brighter when he saw the cupcake collection the school had to offer! We definitely enjoyed ourselves and if you take a peek at these pictures, you can see your favorite little guy did, too:

I hope everyone else's kick-off to Thanksgiving Break was just as wonderful. Have safe travels as you get to where you're going this week and remember the reason for the season! This week, don't worry about what you need, be thankful for what you have! Happy Tuesday.

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