Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Nashville

The Christmas excitement has died down and the new toys have been put away (the toy box still closes, thanks very much), so I think it's time for a quick holiday update. We were so happy that Grammy and Poppy were able to spend the whole weekend with us! After Christmas Eve Mass and a present or two in Hope, we rushed home to try to beat Santa. Although Nathan is not quite to the crack-of-dawn Christmas stage, he eventually climbed out of bed. :) This kid received so many wonderful gifts - from a new set of Legos to a table for his big boy room to the airplane he had been hinting at for weeks. Mommy, Daddy, and Baby Owen got great surprises, too! I'll sure enjoy the prenatal massage I've got coming in a few weeks. Although Christmas was full of family, food, and carloads of presents, leave it to Nathan to always remember the reason for the season. Throughout the weekend (and the days leading up to it), we would hear, "Christmas is NOT all about Santa, you know. It's Jesus's birthday!" I love how unknowing kids seem until they slap you in the face with such simple, important lessons. And this smart guy tends to do it pretty often. Now that you have been properly updated, here's a visual rundown of Nathan's Christmas:

The Christmas morning haul:

Testing out the new airplane (in undies):

Showing off the candy:

A glimpse of the unwrapping:

Heavy concentration needed for the Leapster:

A Poppy ride around the living room:

Falling off of Poppy:

We had a wonderful Christmas weekend that ended with a Sunday cook-out with the grandparents. I hope you were very blessed this Christmas season and spent your time surrounded by the love of family. I also hope your holidays ended this peacefully:

Merry Christmas! :)


Diana said...

I love that he tested out the airplane in his undies. That's precious!

Pat said...

Man, what a busy day- exhausting for kids more than adults right :-)