Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hair DO

Just wanted to share an update for those of you who were concerned about Nathan looking like a young(er) Justin Bieber in the Christmas program post. Nope, we didn't get him in the barber seat in time for his singing debut, but we did get him (read: force him) into it the following morning. Unfortunately I had failed my one-hour glucose test to check for gestational diabetes Thursday and had to spend a full three hours at the OB office yesterday morning to retest. Thankfully I seem to be diabetes-free, but this meant Nana had to wrangle Nathan into his haircut. :) Although the experience was full of tears, mean faces, and rudeness, it actually turned out to be the cutest haircut I think the kid has ever had. Good-bye Bieber bangs, hello Nathan's beautiful eyeballs! As cute as I think he is with long hair, I sure love seeing those pretty brown eyes. Happy Saturday!

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