Thursday, December 16, 2010

Make a Joyful Noise

You know I couldn't resist a nice, long picture post after attending NCA's Annual Christmas Program! Yes, Nathan, the rest of his K3 class, and the entire preschool put on quite a show with three songs I had never heard before. The older students stuck with the classics, but Nathan's group sang about angels, kings, and candles. They even had the perfect hand motions to match each line and little Nathan nailed them all! During the days leading up to the program he told me he had no idea what they were singing and he didn't know his hand motions. Either he learned them really quickly or he was holding out on me. :) We started to worry when Nathan said he'd rather let his friends sing while he sat with us. However, after a few hugs and Mrs. Ruby diverting him from running off the stage, he let his little light shine! All he needed was a boost of confidence and a familiar tune. Enjoy these pictures and I apologize for their quality - being tall is a disadvantage when it comes to school program placement. Happy Friday!

Preparing himself for the show

Kneeling down in prayer :)

Pretty sure this is "one little candle"

Smooches from Mrs. Ruby after delivering her Christmas gift

Posing with his "girlfriend"

PS - If you see him soon, make sure you tell him how cute his new sweater is. I have never seen a kid more proud of his outfit. He went to every single teacher and every member of his class, pulling at his shirt, asking "Hey, do you love my stripey sweater?!" Thankfully, everyone gave an enthusiastic yes. :)

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