Monday, January 31, 2011

Update: Hanging in There

Yep, it's the middle of the third trimester. We're nearing the end and I'm definitely starting to feel more and more radiant. Owen and I survived two weeks of bed rest and since my body is making no progress in the labor department, doc eased up on the rules a little. I'm still banned from work and going too far from home, but thank the Lord I can do a load of laundry and pick up the toys on the living room floor. Hallelujah!

Since I've been able to move beyond the bed and the recliner this weekend, I've actually felt a lot better. The wonderful weather this weekend helped, too! I've been so overjoyed with my freedom that I almost forgot to document my 35-week milestone. Owen is now the size of a delicious five-pound cantaloupe, as you can see in the following comparison photo:

Five pounds is the average stated in my weekly email, but based on my doctor's predictions, Owen is probably even bigger than that. As the weeks go by, I'm starting to get less nervous about delivering too early and more anxious for the kid to get here! I know my due date is still five weeks away, but all this excitement and he's not even budging. :) I very well may end up with a March baby, but I could also go into labor any minute! The suspense is part of the fun, but I'm ready to meet this guy face-to-face. We will see if that date is getting any closer at my appointment Thursday. Until then, I guess I'll just keep on glowing. Happy Monday!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby's New Digs

You're probably as surprised as I am that I haven't been a blog aficionado during my two-week stint in bed. No, my days are far too busy to share my thoughts here, what with shopping online and watching A Baby Story all day long. Kidding! Nana has actually been here most of the time, helping me keep both my house and my brain from getting too out of hand. Seeing clutter and not being able to clean it is not as fun as it sounds!

One of the biggest accomplishments while on bed rest has been the completion of Owen's room. Sure the kid's got a nice, cozy set-up now, but I'm about ready to sign the eviction notice. Luckily, thanks to the hard work of the people who love him, he's got a pretty sweet room waiting for him when he arrives. There are a few odds and ends left to finish and hang on the walls, but I'd say we're ready. Check out Owen's awesome woodland hangout:

PS: Raise your hand if you're impressed by Jonathan's tree-painting skills. *raises hand high* Pretty darn adorable, right? Wish me health and sanity and enjoy your days out of bed. :) Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Showered with Love

Despite the fact that I was banned from most party games involving jumping, running, or standing up, Baby Owen and I were still showered with love Saturday afternoon. Friends and family all gathered at my mom's house for a super fun baby shower, thrown by none other than my best friend, Abby. As you can see, it was adorably decorated with a cute owl theme and yes, that cake was as delicious as it looks! Looking at that picture now, I kind of want more... but I digress. :)

During the shower, my guests were asked to make onesies for Owen using fabric pens. Then they each decorated a square of fabric which Abby and her Grammy will turn into a very special quilt for our baby boy. Pretty creative, right?? I can't wait to see the finished product. We also did a baby-themed Mad Lib. (Abby, Mad Libs, and I go way back.) The party not only included fun and food, it also included prizes! Yes, Owen is now stocked and although we're trying to delay an early arrival, we're more than ready for him. I am so thankful for everyone who was able to celebrate this special little baby with me, especially Abby for all she did to make it possible. I know some turn up their noses at baby showers beyond #1, but, prizes aside, this party was to celebrate the miracle of life. And I'd say every baby deserves that kind of recognition!

Abby and I are pretty cute, but we sure can't leave out the most adorable shower guests - the kids! Happy Tuesday.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Of Pineapples and Bed Rest

Although it's pretty obvious that Baby Owen is now the size of a hefty four-pound pineapple at 33 weeks, the second part of the title seems to overshadow this fact. So, from the comfort of the living room recliner (a place I'll be typing from for quite a while), let me tell you the story of what happened at my OB appointment.

My mom and I went to Texarkana Friday morning with hopes of a quick appointment, followed by a leisurely day of lunch and shopping. However, the tables turned when my doctor got the idea to go ahead and check my *ahem* progress. He surprised both himself and me when he said I was already one centimeter dilated, halfway effaced, and he could touch Owen's head. Gross. And SNAP! As you know, 33 weeks means my bun isn't quite done baking; therefore, I'm on bed rest for two weeks. It's modified bedrest, so I can get up to go to the potty and the fridge, but, barring unforeseen emergencies, those are my boundaries. It's Sunday night as I post this, so we're two days in. I've been surrounded by helpful family members all weekend, so I haven't been super bored yet, but I imagine my posts will get more frequent soon. :)

Although I have big plans of reading magazines, watching trashy TV, and staring at Facebook to pass the time, my doctor said the rules will change at 35 weeks. He is confident that Owen is a big guy already. Thankfully, this means he has a better chance of missing out on a hospital stay if he does come early. Who knows when he will decide to enter the world, but it looks like it'll be sooner rather than later. I'm betting on an early February baby, but there is quite a bit of January left, too. GULP!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowed In

We watched the weather forecast over the weekend and were shocked to see the expected snowfall rapidly rise from "maybe a little" to "a whopping 8 inches!" Here in southern Arkansas, we were doubtful. But, heck, even if we just got an inch or two we knew the schools would close and we needed the obligatory eggs and milk. :) As the first pretty flakes started to fall on the way home from church Sunday, we watched the sky with wide eyes. We watched it snow. And snow. And SNOW!

And this was no Arkansas slippery, slushy "snow" y'all. This was powdery, soft, and bright white! It was unbelievable and it kept coming all day and well into the night. We woke up to a veritable winter wonderland Monday morning:

It was fun to watch from the comfort of the couch, but this pregnant mama only endured three (short) rounds of actual outside play. And Nathan, of course, loved it! During his first adventure, he immediately threw himself to the ground and started flailing away in the form of an angel. Other tasks included a snowball fight, the creation of a carrot-nosed snow man, and a game of snow tag. It may be pretty to look at, but I'll admit I would take 95 degrees over an arctic blast any day. Call me crazy, but it's what I'm used to. So as I wait for this beautiful landscape to melt into spring, you can enjoy these pictures from our TWO days of being stuck at home due to a real, live Arkansas Blizzard.

Happy (COLD) Tuesday! :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Holy Jicama!

I'm sorry to admit that the first post of 2011 comes nine days after ringing in the new year. You can blame it on a horrible illness known as "the crud" - it's been hanging out at my house since about Christmas. However, I finally gave in and got some pregnancy-friendly antibiotics, so I'm on the road to recovery. :) As the snow falls outside and we map out tomorrow's Snow Day, I figured I should squeeze in a pregnancy update before the snow posts begin.

As of Saturday I am 32 weeks pregnant and, yes, as the amazing post title hints, Baby Owen is now the size of your run-of-the-mill jicama. Whatever that is. More importantly, this means he is due in a mere eight weeks. Eight weeks doesn't sound that close, but if we think in terms of his big brother, I've only got about four weeks before I'm the mama of two. Yikes! Not to worry, though, my baby shower is Saturday (yay!) and Owen's wonderful grandparents, daddy, and big brother painted the nursery last weekend. I can breathe a small sigh of nesting relief. *small sigh* Although we still have lots of decorating and tiny-clothes washing to do before Owen's birthday, take a peek at the room we're preparing for our newest little guy: