Sunday, January 9, 2011

Holy Jicama!

I'm sorry to admit that the first post of 2011 comes nine days after ringing in the new year. You can blame it on a horrible illness known as "the crud" - it's been hanging out at my house since about Christmas. However, I finally gave in and got some pregnancy-friendly antibiotics, so I'm on the road to recovery. :) As the snow falls outside and we map out tomorrow's Snow Day, I figured I should squeeze in a pregnancy update before the snow posts begin.

As of Saturday I am 32 weeks pregnant and, yes, as the amazing post title hints, Baby Owen is now the size of your run-of-the-mill jicama. Whatever that is. More importantly, this means he is due in a mere eight weeks. Eight weeks doesn't sound that close, but if we think in terms of his big brother, I've only got about four weeks before I'm the mama of two. Yikes! Not to worry, though, my baby shower is Saturday (yay!) and Owen's wonderful grandparents, daddy, and big brother painted the nursery last weekend. I can breathe a small sigh of nesting relief. *small sigh* Although we still have lots of decorating and tiny-clothes washing to do before Owen's birthday, take a peek at the room we're preparing for our newest little guy:

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