Sunday, January 16, 2011

Of Pineapples and Bed Rest

Although it's pretty obvious that Baby Owen is now the size of a hefty four-pound pineapple at 33 weeks, the second part of the title seems to overshadow this fact. So, from the comfort of the living room recliner (a place I'll be typing from for quite a while), let me tell you the story of what happened at my OB appointment.

My mom and I went to Texarkana Friday morning with hopes of a quick appointment, followed by a leisurely day of lunch and shopping. However, the tables turned when my doctor got the idea to go ahead and check my *ahem* progress. He surprised both himself and me when he said I was already one centimeter dilated, halfway effaced, and he could touch Owen's head. Gross. And SNAP! As you know, 33 weeks means my bun isn't quite done baking; therefore, I'm on bed rest for two weeks. It's modified bedrest, so I can get up to go to the potty and the fridge, but, barring unforeseen emergencies, those are my boundaries. It's Sunday night as I post this, so we're two days in. I've been surrounded by helpful family members all weekend, so I haven't been super bored yet, but I imagine my posts will get more frequent soon. :)

Although I have big plans of reading magazines, watching trashy TV, and staring at Facebook to pass the time, my doctor said the rules will change at 35 weeks. He is confident that Owen is a big guy already. Thankfully, this means he has a better chance of missing out on a hospital stay if he does come early. Who knows when he will decide to enter the world, but it looks like it'll be sooner rather than later. I'm betting on an early February baby, but there is quite a bit of January left, too. GULP!

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