Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Showered with Love

Despite the fact that I was banned from most party games involving jumping, running, or standing up, Baby Owen and I were still showered with love Saturday afternoon. Friends and family all gathered at my mom's house for a super fun baby shower, thrown by none other than my best friend, Abby. As you can see, it was adorably decorated with a cute owl theme and yes, that cake was as delicious as it looks! Looking at that picture now, I kind of want more... but I digress. :)

During the shower, my guests were asked to make onesies for Owen using fabric pens. Then they each decorated a square of fabric which Abby and her Grammy will turn into a very special quilt for our baby boy. Pretty creative, right?? I can't wait to see the finished product. We also did a baby-themed Mad Lib. (Abby, Mad Libs, and I go way back.) The party not only included fun and food, it also included prizes! Yes, Owen is now stocked and although we're trying to delay an early arrival, we're more than ready for him. I am so thankful for everyone who was able to celebrate this special little baby with me, especially Abby for all she did to make it possible. I know some turn up their noses at baby showers beyond #1, but, prizes aside, this party was to celebrate the miracle of life. And I'd say every baby deserves that kind of recognition!

Abby and I are pretty cute, but we sure can't leave out the most adorable shower guests - the kids! Happy Tuesday.

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