Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowed In

We watched the weather forecast over the weekend and were shocked to see the expected snowfall rapidly rise from "maybe a little" to "a whopping 8 inches!" Here in southern Arkansas, we were doubtful. But, heck, even if we just got an inch or two we knew the schools would close and we needed the obligatory eggs and milk. :) As the first pretty flakes started to fall on the way home from church Sunday, we watched the sky with wide eyes. We watched it snow. And snow. And SNOW!

And this was no Arkansas slippery, slushy "snow" y'all. This was powdery, soft, and bright white! It was unbelievable and it kept coming all day and well into the night. We woke up to a veritable winter wonderland Monday morning:

It was fun to watch from the comfort of the couch, but this pregnant mama only endured three (short) rounds of actual outside play. And Nathan, of course, loved it! During his first adventure, he immediately threw himself to the ground and started flailing away in the form of an angel. Other tasks included a snowball fight, the creation of a carrot-nosed snow man, and a game of snow tag. It may be pretty to look at, but I'll admit I would take 95 degrees over an arctic blast any day. Call me crazy, but it's what I'm used to. So as I wait for this beautiful landscape to melt into spring, you can enjoy these pictures from our TWO days of being stuck at home due to a real, live Arkansas Blizzard.

Happy (COLD) Tuesday! :)

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