Monday, February 28, 2011

Nathan Bauer, Boy Wonder

I'm always amazed by Nathan, but during these last days before Owen arrives I've been thinking even more about how great he is. Since today could be his last as my only child, I thought I'd brag a little and explain why I think this boy wonder is simply incredible.

Ever since my tiny 5-pounder came into my life three Julys ago, I just knew each stage couldn't get any better. He was a fantastic baby, perfectly calm and drinking in the world. As we rocked together and I stared into his eyes, I prayed he wouldn't age past six months. When he turned a year old and began to explore the world on his own two feet, my heart soared. As much as I wanted him to stay a baby, I *love* seeing Nathan take initiative to figure out life on his own, with a few pushes in the right direction, of course. One day this kid uttered the word "dog" and has since grown to hold endless conversations about the world. His imagination is absolutely bursting at the seams! At 3.5 years old, if Nathan doesn't understand a concept or if he shows interest in the unknown, he asks. And when I answer, he listens and he learns.

Now, we all know the kid is smart. I never thought I would have a three-year-old who could write words, understand rhythms, and spout off good manners without thinking. However, the lessons he has been taught aren't the only things that make me the proudest mama in town.

Throughout his life, I know Nathan will make mistakes and at times travel down the wrong path, but I pray he keeps the love and compassion he dazzles me with every day. He is inherently a good person. I want him to know who he is, know who he wants to be, and be certain that person is someone he can love. This is my greatest wish for him. Nathan is going to accomplish wonderful things in life beyond preschool, and his first step is becoming an amazing brother. I don't worry at all about the kind of person Owen will be. Nathan's footsteps will be hard to follow, but I know my baby will not only have a big brother and a leader, but a teacher as well.

God has blessed these boys and blessed me through them. I can never thank Him enough for these miracles and who these little miracles will grow up to be.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Mini Melon

Remember last August when I wrote about the 110-degree fun of the Watermelon Festival? Remember the disclaimer that went with it, assuring everyone that my fig-sized baby had not transformed into a giant overnight? Well, folks, we're there. :)

I giggled a bit when my email update said Owen now weighs the same as a "mini watermelon" at seven pounds. Being from Hope, I may be a watermelon snob, but I can't recall eating a seven-pounder. I don't even think the off-season circular variety are sold that small around here. Maybe they're too embarrassed to hang out with the ones that weigh as much as... well, the mini melon's mama.

Yes, I am a whopping 39 weeks and one day pregnant, showing no signs of that changing any time soon. My doctor asked if I had any desire to induce yet, but I decided to put it off and give Owen a chance. I go back this Friday and we'll approach the same question. At that point, I may have a different answer.

Other than that, we're just hanging out at home, waiting on little brother to make his debut. Luckily we've been waiting in great company. Grammy and Poppy have been able to come down and play with us the past two weekends and we've had such fun together! Despite the dreary weather, we had a blast bubble blowing, chalk drawing, and *cough* kite flying. :)

Today was a blustery one and Grammy got a good Nathan-style scolding when she accidentally let go of the super long kite string. It went sailing right to its new permanent home - wrapped around a power line. With storms forecast for tonight and straight line winds tomorrow, I bet we'll enjoy hands-free kite flying for a while! I hope you all had just as much fun and half as many laughs as we did today. Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where's Owen?

This is the question I answer at least three times a day now that I have made to 38.5 weeks of pregnancy! My most popular answer is "In my belly." Every once in a while I'll throw in "He's in Vegas for the week." As you can plainly see in the above picture, the first answer is most accurate. :)

Yes, folks, the woman who went on bed rest at 33 weeks and feels like she has been dilated for the majority of her pregnancy still has a full womb. And I'm okay with it. Really. I'm just as ready as everyone else to meet this little guy, but I'm not going to start any jumping jack marathons or down a castor oil cocktail. As I've stated over and over (even if it's just to keep my spirits up) - he will come when he is ready!

However, that's not to say I'm perkier than ever! Sleeping is by far the most difficult part of 38 weeks, with picking items up off the floor a close second. At my appointment last week, I had an ultrasound, but I have no pictures to share because I honestly couldn't make any of them out. He's so squished! The tech did estimate a weight of 7 pounds, 11 ounces, exactly two pounds bigger than Nathan at birth. I now know what it feels like to carry a full-term baby and boy is he heavy! And for those still riding the vegetable train, here's a weird one. At 38 weeks, Owen is now the length (about 19.5 inches) of your average leek:

As for the other 38-week stats, my doctor said I was still dilated to 2 cm and in the exact same condition as I was the week before. He figured I would make it to my next appointment, which is now just two days away. However, Jonathan is betting that the big storm forecast for tomorrow and the shift in barometric pressure that comes with it will send me straight to the hospital. There are only 10 days left in the countdown, though, so whenever it happens, "soon" describes it well. Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Farmer Nathan

Today marked the first day of Nathan's "winter" break, so we took advantage of the 65-degree (and very non-wintry) weather after lunch. First we sat on the porch swing, then he showed me how he could pump all by himself, and then... he wanted to do something else. He wanted to ride his tractor! Let me explain why this is such a phenomenon. He received this awesome John Deere tractor (an exact mini replica of his Daddy's) for Christmas in 2009. He was a bit terrified during his first test drive at the tender age of two, but fast forward a year and two months and it's the best thing since sliced bread! :)

I watched from the porch swing as Nathan made his rounds, cutting down the "fields" of clover, dodging the doghouse and sandbox, and discovering just how fast he could go when he kicked it into second gear. He even promised he would attach the wagon and help haul plants and soil when gardening season arrives! It was so fun watching this little guy zoom around the yard that I couldn't help but duck inside to find my camera. I hope everyone else is taking advantage of the nice weather today, but if you're stuck inside, at least you can enjoy these cute pictures. Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spread the Love

This little guy is my permanent Valentine. Don't be jealous!

Nana and I went to watch Nathan in his natural habitat yesterday - preschool. Mrs. Ruby's class had their Valentine's Day Party and we went to help pass out brownies and watch all the little kids interact. Nathan wowed the crowd with his homemade valentines. He used construction paper, stickers, heart doilies - the whole nine yards. I regret not taking pictures of them, but you'll have to trust that they were awesome. He even wrote his friends' names on them to provide a personal three-year-old touch. He was very proud of himself and I was even more impressed with his writing skills. (but that's a different post for another day) His little white bag was filled to the brim with notes of "You Rock!" and "You're a Great Friend, Valentine!" - not to mention tons of candy. I think I ate as much as he did once we got home, but sharing is caring, I'm pretty sure. :)

Because I was busy helping wrangle K3 students on a sugar high, I didn't get great pictures. However, I know you want to see a couple, so check out my star student in his classroom:

Hope your Valentine's Day was just as lovely and I offer sincere apologies to those who placed their bets on a V-Day Baby! Looks like Owen is not as cliche as you all thought. :) Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beating Cabin Fever

Leave it to Arkansas - the second the snow melts, temperatures bump up to the 60s and the sun starts shining. And if you know me at all, you'll know I'm not complaining! Although it was still a bit chilly for an all-day adventure, we put on our jackets (please note the early 90s McDonald's track jacket) and headed to the frost-free front yard. Visions of vegetable plants and compost danced in my head while I took in the first glimpse of spring, but I know all that is still several weeks (not to mention a birth recovery) away. No, February is not spring, but when we see an opportunity to get outside, we seize it. Of course, the camera tagged along.

BABY UPDATE No news is... okay news. :) Owen still hasn't joined the outside world, but I'm pleased to announce that I hit 37 weeks for the first time yesterday. No, I'm not absolutely miserable to be more pregnant than I've ever been, but I'm pumped that it could happen any day now. So, while you await that very special text, call, update and/or blog post, check out how cute Nathan is. Happy Sunday!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Full Term & Working It

According to my doctor's visit today, the above pleasantly plump image may be the last belly picture of the year! There I am just a few days shy of full term at 36 weeks and 5 days - a bit rounder than the last time I posed in that sweater, huh? Oh well, I'm big, beautiful, and working it. :)

Back to the update. I'm now 2 cm dilated and thinning out more than I had been over the past few weeks. He said he wouldn't be surprised if I didn't make it to my appointment next week, and I'm going with his instincts on that one. However, if Owen does stay put until next Friday, we'll get to sneak a peek with an ultrasound. Either way, we will be seeing this guy pretty darn soon.

As for the Baby Pool, I'm out of the running (unless something happens REAL soon), as I chose today. Other close contenders include Abby, who picked tomorrow (she likes 2-11-11 for a birthday), Grampa and Nathan, who both chose Saturday, and a multitude of friends and family hoping for a Valentine's Day suprise. Who knows when he will decide to come, but it sure sounds like it's right around the corner. I'm cherishing these last few days with him in my belly, but I know the "OH SNAP" post is coming soon. Just you wait. :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Uncharted Territory

As of 6:25 pm, I am officially in an all-new stage of pregnancy. It sounds like a big deal to be entering the unknown, but I'm only 36 weeks and 4 days, so it's not unheard of. I won't start complaining about being "still pregnant" yet, as I can already feel the daggered glares of women who uttered this phrase at 41 weeks. I'll save that whining until at least next week. :)

Although I'm okay with my second pregnancy lasting longer than my first, it's blowing my mind. Even before the bed rest, I knew that come 34 or 35 weeks, Owen would be out of my tummy and in my arms. I'd always heard that each consecutive pregnancy is shorter, so I thought that would be the case. However, as everyone knows, each pregnancy is different. I'm just hanging out until Owen decides it's time to bust out of there. :) For those of you wondering about the above-pictured fruit, Owen is now a six-pound crenshaw melon. I don't know what that is, but it seems big! At this rate, Owen will probably be big enough to skip the hamburger warmer. Woohoo! Other than that, though, there's not too much going on around here. I visit my favorite OB tomorrow to see if things are progressing any more.

Oh, yeah... and it snowed again. It looks like we're getting another two-pack of snow days this week. Gross. Although this cute guy didn't seem to mind:

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter: Take Two

After an uneventful OB appointment Thursday, I was feeling confident with my doctor's prediction of Owen staying put another week. However, when I glimpsed at the forecast and saw that more winter was headed our way, I began envisioning a traumatic birth story. Not to be specific, but it involved paramedics and a mattress we'd probably have to throw away. (Too much?)

Well we did wake up to another round of winter this morning. There were already two inches of snow when we first looked out the window and that cold junk kept falling all day. Nathan took it well when I refused to put on anything other than pajamas, so we snuggled, watched movies, and played until Daddy got home. The second Jonathan walked through the door, though, the kid scrambled into his snow pants, gloves, and hat, ready to mess up the smooth blanket of snow. They threw snowballs at each other, made designs with their footprints, and whacked all the snowy trees with sticks. Owen and I stayed in our warm jammies and watched from the window. :) No paramedics showed up today, so I'm thinking (hoping... praying) we'll leave that kind of storytelling to TLC. On the other hand, round three is expected to come Wednesday. He is my child, though, so he should think twice before making his debut on a yucky, icy day. Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Baby, New Blog Name

Ever since those pink lines popped up last June, I've been wondering what my new blog name would be. 'Nathan's Daily Adventures' has existed since the kid was 7 months old. It was simple, straightforward and seemed to serve me well for the past three years. But now that our family is growing, I sure can't leave our newest guy out. 'Life with the Bauer Boys' isn't that creative of a blog title, but I am happy with it. I like it because it is precisely what I do here - document the lives of my boys. :) Heck, I've been doing that long before now, so I figured a change was due. So there you have it, a brief update about an update. I know it's not an enormous feat to change a few words on a blog, but graduating from one boy to two will be the change of a lifetime. I can't wait until we meet sweet Owen and I begin my journey with the Bauer Boys.

PS: The above photo (and those awesome new ones to the right) come from an amazing set of maternity pictures taken by my BFF Meredith. I'm so proud of them that I'm sure there will be another post featuring more adorable shots. Right now, however, I'm taking these boys to bed.