Thursday, February 17, 2011

Farmer Nathan

Today marked the first day of Nathan's "winter" break, so we took advantage of the 65-degree (and very non-wintry) weather after lunch. First we sat on the porch swing, then he showed me how he could pump all by himself, and then... he wanted to do something else. He wanted to ride his tractor! Let me explain why this is such a phenomenon. He received this awesome John Deere tractor (an exact mini replica of his Daddy's) for Christmas in 2009. He was a bit terrified during his first test drive at the tender age of two, but fast forward a year and two months and it's the best thing since sliced bread! :)

I watched from the porch swing as Nathan made his rounds, cutting down the "fields" of clover, dodging the doghouse and sandbox, and discovering just how fast he could go when he kicked it into second gear. He even promised he would attach the wagon and help haul plants and soil when gardening season arrives! It was so fun watching this little guy zoom around the yard that I couldn't help but duck inside to find my camera. I hope everyone else is taking advantage of the nice weather today, but if you're stuck inside, at least you can enjoy these cute pictures. Happy Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

Firstly its my life long ambition to have a porch swing! lol Unfortunately we'll have to move to america do to that as they dont exist here!
Secondly you have great taste in boys names! :D
And last of all good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, i look forward to reading all about it x