Thursday, February 10, 2011

Full Term & Working It

According to my doctor's visit today, the above pleasantly plump image may be the last belly picture of the year! There I am just a few days shy of full term at 36 weeks and 5 days - a bit rounder than the last time I posed in that sweater, huh? Oh well, I'm big, beautiful, and working it. :)

Back to the update. I'm now 2 cm dilated and thinning out more than I had been over the past few weeks. He said he wouldn't be surprised if I didn't make it to my appointment next week, and I'm going with his instincts on that one. However, if Owen does stay put until next Friday, we'll get to sneak a peek with an ultrasound. Either way, we will be seeing this guy pretty darn soon.

As for the Baby Pool, I'm out of the running (unless something happens REAL soon), as I chose today. Other close contenders include Abby, who picked tomorrow (she likes 2-11-11 for a birthday), Grampa and Nathan, who both chose Saturday, and a multitude of friends and family hoping for a Valentine's Day suprise. Who knows when he will decide to come, but it sure sounds like it's right around the corner. I'm cherishing these last few days with him in my belly, but I know the "OH SNAP" post is coming soon. Just you wait. :)

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