Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Mini Melon

Remember last August when I wrote about the 110-degree fun of the Watermelon Festival? Remember the disclaimer that went with it, assuring everyone that my fig-sized baby had not transformed into a giant overnight? Well, folks, we're there. :)

I giggled a bit when my email update said Owen now weighs the same as a "mini watermelon" at seven pounds. Being from Hope, I may be a watermelon snob, but I can't recall eating a seven-pounder. I don't even think the off-season circular variety are sold that small around here. Maybe they're too embarrassed to hang out with the ones that weigh as much as... well, the mini melon's mama.

Yes, I am a whopping 39 weeks and one day pregnant, showing no signs of that changing any time soon. My doctor asked if I had any desire to induce yet, but I decided to put it off and give Owen a chance. I go back this Friday and we'll approach the same question. At that point, I may have a different answer.

Other than that, we're just hanging out at home, waiting on little brother to make his debut. Luckily we've been waiting in great company. Grammy and Poppy have been able to come down and play with us the past two weekends and we've had such fun together! Despite the dreary weather, we had a blast bubble blowing, chalk drawing, and *cough* kite flying. :)

Today was a blustery one and Grammy got a good Nathan-style scolding when she accidentally let go of the super long kite string. It went sailing right to its new permanent home - wrapped around a power line. With storms forecast for tonight and straight line winds tomorrow, I bet we'll enjoy hands-free kite flying for a while! I hope you all had just as much fun and half as many laughs as we did today. Happy Sunday!

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