Monday, February 28, 2011

Nathan Bauer, Boy Wonder

I'm always amazed by Nathan, but during these last days before Owen arrives I've been thinking even more about how great he is. Since today could be his last as my only child, I thought I'd brag a little and explain why I think this boy wonder is simply incredible.

Ever since my tiny 5-pounder came into my life three Julys ago, I just knew each stage couldn't get any better. He was a fantastic baby, perfectly calm and drinking in the world. As we rocked together and I stared into his eyes, I prayed he wouldn't age past six months. When he turned a year old and began to explore the world on his own two feet, my heart soared. As much as I wanted him to stay a baby, I *love* seeing Nathan take initiative to figure out life on his own, with a few pushes in the right direction, of course. One day this kid uttered the word "dog" and has since grown to hold endless conversations about the world. His imagination is absolutely bursting at the seams! At 3.5 years old, if Nathan doesn't understand a concept or if he shows interest in the unknown, he asks. And when I answer, he listens and he learns.

Now, we all know the kid is smart. I never thought I would have a three-year-old who could write words, understand rhythms, and spout off good manners without thinking. However, the lessons he has been taught aren't the only things that make me the proudest mama in town.

Throughout his life, I know Nathan will make mistakes and at times travel down the wrong path, but I pray he keeps the love and compassion he dazzles me with every day. He is inherently a good person. I want him to know who he is, know who he wants to be, and be certain that person is someone he can love. This is my greatest wish for him. Nathan is going to accomplish wonderful things in life beyond preschool, and his first step is becoming an amazing brother. I don't worry at all about the kind of person Owen will be. Nathan's footsteps will be hard to follow, but I know my baby will not only have a big brother and a leader, but a teacher as well.

God has blessed these boys and blessed me through them. I can never thank Him enough for these miracles and who these little miracles will grow up to be.

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