Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Baby, New Blog Name

Ever since those pink lines popped up last June, I've been wondering what my new blog name would be. 'Nathan's Daily Adventures' has existed since the kid was 7 months old. It was simple, straightforward and seemed to serve me well for the past three years. But now that our family is growing, I sure can't leave our newest guy out. 'Life with the Bauer Boys' isn't that creative of a blog title, but I am happy with it. I like it because it is precisely what I do here - document the lives of my boys. :) Heck, I've been doing that long before now, so I figured a change was due. So there you have it, a brief update about an update. I know it's not an enormous feat to change a few words on a blog, but graduating from one boy to two will be the change of a lifetime. I can't wait until we meet sweet Owen and I begin my journey with the Bauer Boys.

PS: The above photo (and those awesome new ones to the right) come from an amazing set of maternity pictures taken by my BFF Meredith. I'm so proud of them that I'm sure there will be another post featuring more adorable shots. Right now, however, I'm taking these boys to bed.

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