Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beating Cabin Fever

Leave it to Arkansas - the second the snow melts, temperatures bump up to the 60s and the sun starts shining. And if you know me at all, you'll know I'm not complaining! Although it was still a bit chilly for an all-day adventure, we put on our jackets (please note the early 90s McDonald's track jacket) and headed to the frost-free front yard. Visions of vegetable plants and compost danced in my head while I took in the first glimpse of spring, but I know all that is still several weeks (not to mention a birth recovery) away. No, February is not spring, but when we see an opportunity to get outside, we seize it. Of course, the camera tagged along.

BABY UPDATE No news is... okay news. :) Owen still hasn't joined the outside world, but I'm pleased to announce that I hit 37 weeks for the first time yesterday. No, I'm not absolutely miserable to be more pregnant than I've ever been, but I'm pumped that it could happen any day now. So, while you await that very special text, call, update and/or blog post, check out how cute Nathan is. Happy Sunday!

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