Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spread the Love

This little guy is my permanent Valentine. Don't be jealous!

Nana and I went to watch Nathan in his natural habitat yesterday - preschool. Mrs. Ruby's class had their Valentine's Day Party and we went to help pass out brownies and watch all the little kids interact. Nathan wowed the crowd with his homemade valentines. He used construction paper, stickers, heart doilies - the whole nine yards. I regret not taking pictures of them, but you'll have to trust that they were awesome. He even wrote his friends' names on them to provide a personal three-year-old touch. He was very proud of himself and I was even more impressed with his writing skills. (but that's a different post for another day) His little white bag was filled to the brim with notes of "You Rock!" and "You're a Great Friend, Valentine!" - not to mention tons of candy. I think I ate as much as he did once we got home, but sharing is caring, I'm pretty sure. :)

Because I was busy helping wrangle K3 students on a sugar high, I didn't get great pictures. However, I know you want to see a couple, so check out my star student in his classroom:

Hope your Valentine's Day was just as lovely and I offer sincere apologies to those who placed their bets on a V-Day Baby! Looks like Owen is not as cliche as you all thought. :) Happy Tuesday!

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