Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter: Take Two

After an uneventful OB appointment Thursday, I was feeling confident with my doctor's prediction of Owen staying put another week. However, when I glimpsed at the forecast and saw that more winter was headed our way, I began envisioning a traumatic birth story. Not to be specific, but it involved paramedics and a mattress we'd probably have to throw away. (Too much?)

Well we did wake up to another round of winter this morning. There were already two inches of snow when we first looked out the window and that cold junk kept falling all day. Nathan took it well when I refused to put on anything other than pajamas, so we snuggled, watched movies, and played until Daddy got home. The second Jonathan walked through the door, though, the kid scrambled into his snow pants, gloves, and hat, ready to mess up the smooth blanket of snow. They threw snowballs at each other, made designs with their footprints, and whacked all the snowy trees with sticks. Owen and I stayed in our warm jammies and watched from the window. :) No paramedics showed up today, so I'm thinking (hoping... praying) we'll leave that kind of storytelling to TLC. On the other hand, round three is expected to come Wednesday. He is my child, though, so he should think twice before making his debut on a yucky, icy day. Fingers crossed!

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