Sunday, March 27, 2011


As I sit in the living room, laptop at my fingertips and sleeping baby on my chest, I thought I would use this peaceful moment to write about your favorite subjects - the Bauer brothers. Nathan is actually curled up in his own bed, enjoying an afternoon nap, too. However, as wonderful as silence is in my home, the sounds that have been filling it are even better.

I knew Nathan was going to be a fantastic big brother. He is such a caring kid and always worried about how others are feeling, but I had no idea how quickly he would start that with Owen. No matter what he is doing - building a block tower in his room, drawing at the kitchen table, even using the potty - Nathan jumps up the moment he hears a whimper. He will rush to the cradle, place a hand on the tiny head and start shushing. "It's okay, little boy. Nathan's got ya. Nathan's here." Owen will stare at his brother with deep brown eyes and often, the crying stops. It's incredible how much love they share only two weeks into their relationship. And it grows every day. Sure, Nathan gets irritated during the 3 am fussy spells and he has been known to let "Owen, STOP CRYING!" slip a few times, but the sweetness during the day makes up for all that. :)

When the ultrasound tech told us we were going to have another boy, this is exactly what I pictured. I wanted Nathan to be filled with the desire to care for his brother and look out for him. I've been looking forward to this bond between brothers for a long time and I'm blessed to be able to watch it grow. I'd say they are off to a great start:

BABY UPDATE: Here's a quick update on our new one. He visited the pediatrician for his two week check-up last Thursday and did great. He weighed in at 9 pounds, 13.5 ounces and surprised the nurses! Babies are supposed to get "back up" to their birth weight by two weeks, so I'd say a 10-ounce increase means he is doing fine. We did have to switch his formula to one that is easier on his tummy and hopefully the change is a good one. We're still keeping an eye on it, but he seems less fussy. Owen has also seen many new faces this week. He has several more people to meet and we can't wait for our upcoming visits! If you haven't met him yet, you really should. I mean, look at him:

How could you pass that up? Happy Sunday! :)

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