Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ding! The Bun is Done

Hello, my (semi) patient readers! I'm coming at you live from March 5, the official due date for Owen Charles Bauer. And yes, I am still pregnant with no signs of labor as I type. :)

So Jonathan and I took a nice trip to Texarkana yesterday and attended what I hope was the last OB appointment for our stubborn little guy. After my doctor chuckled a little when he saw me in my full-term glory, he checked my progress. Lo and behold something happened last week! I'm dilated to a whopping 4 cm, but not yet in labor. He said this is rare, but it happens. I once again decided to skip an induction in hopes that Owen decides to come on his own. I was also asked to take a Non-Stress Test. This means I relaxed for about 20 minutes and listened to my baby's sweet heartbeats to prove that he was healthy enough to stay put. Although my doctor doubts I'll make it, I have a 41-week appointment scheduled for Friday. Believe me, the induction decision will be different if I actually show up that day!

As for me, I've surprised both the doctor and myself with the fact that I'm honestly not miserable. I can definitely tell I have an eight-pounder in my uterus, but I'm handling it fine, day by day. I'd much rather have him in my arms but after waiting this long, I can hold out a few more days. :) Also, even though we're starting to run low on veggie options, at 40 weeks, this well-done bun is about the size of a small pumpkin:

Who knew Owen would actually run the full course of poppy seed to pumpkin?? This comparison is sadly the very last one on the list. Hopefully I won't have to make something up next week like your classic blue-ribbon-at-the-county-fair giant eggplant. :) By then we should have a beautiful bundle of joy that is perfectly baby-sized. Until then, have a fantastic Saturday!

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