Tuesday, March 22, 2011

(Not Quite) Supermom

I know you guys have been missing out on some amazing stories about our new baby boy, but as it turns out, supermom status doesn't come as easy as I thought. I just knew that as soon as Owen decided it was time to make an appearance, I could jump off the couch and resume the juggling act. I could see myself entertaining, feeding, and clothing both boys, going to work, keeping my house in tip-top shape, and finding spare time to dig and plant my veggie garden. I mean it's just the addition of one baby - how hard can it be??

Okay, I'll admit I did know better than that, but 12 days in and we're still getting used to one another. The healing process after giving birth to my nine-pound sack of potatoes is taking quite the toll. The birth was much different than with tiny Nathan and I'm finding out the postpartum days are, too. Owen and I have decided to simply take it easy, but I've still managed to capture a moment or two with the trusty camera. As for now, though, my little guy and I are going to kick back while the big boys go on a pizza run. In the meantime, here are a few pictures of my cuties:

Hopefully my cape will arrive in the mail soon and supermom can get to work! Then I'm sure I can use some of that awesome free time that comes with running a perfect household to blog more often. :) Until then, Happy Tuesday!

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