Tuesday, March 29, 2011

That's a Wrap

A Moby wrap, to be exact. :)

In the infinite wisdom of raising my first baby, the idea of baby wearing was lost on me. I'd never seen a wrap before and I think we had one, maybe two rounds in the Baby Bjorn before I decided I didn't like it. It's become a bit more mainstream since then, though, and one shower gift I was pumped about was my new Moby wrap (aka 100 feet of cloth). This is a picture from my first attempt, but the directions say it takes about 5 tries to get comfortable with it. Since Owen is fond of being held (constantly), I'd better keep practicing if I want to get anything done with two hands. Thankfully, I have an expert to show me the ropes:

"Here Mom, you just loop it around your leg, twist it in the front, put it over your head and then put the baby in here!"

He performed this wrapping technique both on himself and me. Needless to say, Owen didn't make it in the wrap that time! I'm sure there will be better pictures of a wrapped-up Owen in the future, but I couldn't pass on showing off Nathan's skills. Other than figuring out new gear, there's not too much else going on. We did end up switching poor Owen's formula again and giving Similac Sensitive a try. We're only one day in, but he is still pretty fussy. Who knows what the next step may be - soy milk, perhaps? Hopefully his tummy gets settled soon. I also have Jonathan home today and we've been discussing plans for a more beautiful backyard. It will include an extended patio, a new flower bed, and an additional vegetable plot. Stay tuned for more on that. :)

Happy Tuesday!

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