Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sleep Tight

my precious baby boys.

There's something about watching these two angels sleep that hits me deep within my soul. Especially today. We've been watching the weather channel nonstop and even rushed to pick Nathan up from school due to a predicted tornado outbreak. Although all is calm here now, I can't help but look at these two little faces and count my lucky stars. They have only been brothers for a little over six weeks, but I absolutely cannot imagine life without them. I don't remember life before becoming a mama and I'm starting to slip away from life without Owen. It seems like it has always been this way. I think it was always supposed to be. So tonight I'm going to snuggle up to these two in my big bed, thank God for what he has blessed me with, and drift off to dream about what lies ahead. Happy Tuesday, everybody.

Green Acres, Take Two

Those of you who have been following my blog for at least the past year know that I attempted to turn my brown thumb into a vibrant shade of green through vegetable gardening. I wouldn't call my first try a major success with only two crops lasting all season; however, it's time for round two. Lessons were learned about watering, cultivating, and bugs I never knew existed. Now I'm back and better than ever. With the addition of a third bed, there is plenty of space between each little plant, plus herbs and flowers to attract beneficials. Last Friday finally brought some sun, so my plants are now safe and sound in the dirt:

In the above bed we have cucumbers and a new crop, okra. Lots and LOTS of okra. :) These will flower like a hibiscus so not only will they be yummy, they should be pretty, too!

This one has three different kinds of tomatoes, the Early Girls I had success with last year plus Better Boys and Romas. There are also two colors of bell peppers and a few sweet bananas. I've added basil and marigolds to this bed to help things along.

Our new gigantic 12x4 bed is home to two new additions - eggplants and *drum roll* watermelons. I really don't know much about growing watermelons (imagine that), but being from Hope has to help. Honestly, if I can get a plant to set even the tiniest melon, I'll be proud.

It doesn't look like much, but after more rain, sunshine, and the inevitable heat, these beds ought to be brimming with edibles! Maybe I can actually get more than two plants to grow this time around. Either way, I'll keep you posted. If we do have an overflow of garden goodies, you'll be the first to know. :) Until then, I've got some good help watching over them:

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter in Pictures

It's been a few weeks since I've posted but I know you'll give me some slack, what with the addition of a new little person and all. I did manage to snag a bit of free time today, though, to update you on the little boy's first Easter. He has recently started flashing those cute little gums so I had to lead with a picture of him stylin' and smilin' in his Easter wear. :)

Easter was fantastic for the rest of us, too. We spent the holiday with both sets of grandparents in Hope, enjoying morning Mass and then watching Nathan happily devour candy and rummage through his basket. Once he ventured outside to try his new bubble gun, the big brother discovered toys weren't the only thing the bunny left. There were plenty of colorful eggs to search for, too! Although Nathan held onto that gun the whole time, he managed to spot every one. He also tried his hand at dying a few (and breaking a couple). Owen was content to bounce in the breeze and just take it all in. Here are a few quick snapshots of our Easter:

I hope everyone else's Easter was just as happy and I hope you continue to remember the reason for the season. Easter isn't just a day, it's a state of mind. Sure, the bunny presents were loads of fun and the ham-and-rib feast wasn't too bad either, but we should always give thanks and praise. This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Goofy Guys

A couple of faces only a mother could love. :) Okay, maybe the rest of you love those goofy little faces just as much as I do! I know several of the Nathan posts have included silly faces (see about two posts down), but he's just so good at it. As it turns out, little brother is following in his footsteps. I just thought I'd post their best work so you can have something to look at when you need to lift your spirits or turn a bad day around. I honestly can't look at either of these without having to stifle a giggle. I'm telling you, I'm surrounded by a couple of complete hams! If you want to see more of their crazy antics, click HERE for an album full of different faces. Plus, it's a great excuse to look at two of the cutest little boys I know. Happy Monday!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Show & Tell

Every Friday in Mrs. Ruby's class, Nathan and friends study their favorite subject: other peoples' belongings, or Show and Tell. Nathan has done well in this area, showing off things like his sweet kitty cat piano and his coveted book collection. Today was different, though. His backpack was loaded with an awesome stuffed chameleon (thanks, Brian and Diana!), but it was a different item that caught his friends' eyes.

Yes, Baby Owen finally made his debut preschool appearance. Nathan proudly walked into the room while I strained to tote the 11-pound chunk. As soon as I set the carrier down, Owen was swarmed. Six kids surrounded him and the hands started flying! Mrs. Ruby took care of that, saying no one could touch him except his big brother. You should have seen the pride that flashed across Nathan's face when he heard that. His hand didn't leave Owen's head the whole time we were there. :) Nathan went around the circle and introduced each of his friends to Owen and they listened closely as he told them how he eats milk and is still too little to tinkle in the potty. Everyone was sad when I announced it was time to leave, including big brother. Although a few tears fell as we were leaving, I know that brotherly pride stuck with him all day. And if it's possible, I think he's been loving on Owen even more since we've been home!

I'd say he got an A+ in Show and Tell for the day.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Smiles are Contagious

After looking through my pictures from the past few days, I've reached the conclusion that my big kid is a goofball. Even though the above picture is the closest to a genuine smile, I can't help but share all his funny faces! In honor of School Picture Day, which is Wednesday, I'm posting a few "what not to do" shots. Plus, he's just so darn cute that I figured you needed a fix. Enjoy! :)

When you ask Nathan to say cheese, this is what happens:

When you proceed to ask him to do it right, it turns into this:

When you ask him to stop playing and pay attention, it's this:

Sometimes, he's just too thirsty to pose (note the pinky):

At least I still have years of camera training in store for this little one:

Happy Monday! :)