Friday, April 8, 2011

Show & Tell

Every Friday in Mrs. Ruby's class, Nathan and friends study their favorite subject: other peoples' belongings, or Show and Tell. Nathan has done well in this area, showing off things like his sweet kitty cat piano and his coveted book collection. Today was different, though. His backpack was loaded with an awesome stuffed chameleon (thanks, Brian and Diana!), but it was a different item that caught his friends' eyes.

Yes, Baby Owen finally made his debut preschool appearance. Nathan proudly walked into the room while I strained to tote the 11-pound chunk. As soon as I set the carrier down, Owen was swarmed. Six kids surrounded him and the hands started flying! Mrs. Ruby took care of that, saying no one could touch him except his big brother. You should have seen the pride that flashed across Nathan's face when he heard that. His hand didn't leave Owen's head the whole time we were there. :) Nathan went around the circle and introduced each of his friends to Owen and they listened closely as he told them how he eats milk and is still too little to tinkle in the potty. Everyone was sad when I announced it was time to leave, including big brother. Although a few tears fell as we were leaving, I know that brotherly pride stuck with him all day. And if it's possible, I think he's been loving on Owen even more since we've been home!

I'd say he got an A+ in Show and Tell for the day.

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