Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zoo Day

The Bauer boys embarked on a brand-new adventure Sunday morning. One their mama was equally as excited about - their very first zoo day together! For as long as I can remember, I have absolutely loved the zoo. It is so fascinating to learn about non-native creatures by simply watching them live. Nathan seems to have caught on to that same fascination and loves anything and everything animals - especially those from faraway lands. Since the last time he visited a zoo was almost two years ago, I knew this trip would leave him in awe. As per usual, mom was right. :) Nathan's favorite exhibits were the penguins, the river otters, and the gigantic tortoise that he was able to touch! Although the pictures I've posted here don't really show off the animals, I'd say the subjects are even better. Enjoy a peek into the cuteness of my sweet boys spending a day in the hot summer sun, exploring the Little Rock Zoo.

I hope your Memorial Day was also spent outside, studying the world around you and soaking up both the sun and your families. Happy Tuesday!

Friday, May 27, 2011

School's Out

Look at my baby grow!

This morning Nathan pulled on his backpack and headed to Mrs. Ruby's class for the last time. Today wrapped up his K3 school year, part two. Just look at the difference between today and a year ago today! It breaks my heart to see how much my little boy has grown over such a short period of time. Mrs. Ruby and I were reminiscing this morning about his first year. He came to her in pull-ups, speaking broken sentences, and terrified of what was to come. Now that baby is a a bright little kid. A loving, sensitive, compassionate individual who has turned into a wonderful student and a great friend. I am so unbelievably proud of the person he has become. Sure he'll be back next year for his final preschool run, but the year will fly by and I'll soon be sobbing through a first-day-of-kindergarten post. But for now, it's summer! I'm sure he will continue learning at his fantastic new summer daycare, but it's time to slow down, let loose, and be a kid. However, in honor of another great school year, take a peek at one of the many things he's learned this year. Here is Nathan, reciting the books of the New Testament:

Super impressive, right? Happy Last Day of School! :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Splash

Despite the severe thunderstorms and torrential downfalls forecast for our region this weekend, we spent it basking in the glorious sun. The good ole redheaded cousins, their mama, and Grammy and Poppy came to Hope for the weekend, so we joined the gang for poolside festivities. There were hot dogs, dives, and plenty of splashing amid preschool giggles. Nathan is still a little apprehensive about the water, but he made great strides in only his first time out this year. I'm thinking we may have a little fish after all. Having Joley there to show off her expert swimming skills didn't hurt, either. Speaking of that little girl, it was so wonderful to see those kids back together again:


Nathan and Joley are hilarious together and it was so fun to introduce Baby Owen to his big cousins. Riley was super proud to hold his newest while the grown-ups took a break. We had such a fantastic time enjoying the almost-summertime with family. When it comes down to it, sometimes a swimsuits-only, barefoot kind of day is good for the soul. I look forward to many more this year. Maybe next time there will be a baby boy splashing right along. However, he seemed pretty content with this:

Hope your weekend was just as relaxing!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby Talk

One of Baby Owen's favorite places to hang out is his changing table. Sure it's good to have a clean heinie and all, but we also use this time to have our serious, deep conversations. Just so happened my camera was handy during this one. Here it is, Owen's precious video debut. More than two minutes of grins, cries, and sweet baby coos. Please disregard any high-pitched baby talk from yours truly. It's just how I roll.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two Months

Can you believe tomorrow Baby Owen moves into the double digits? Yes, my sweet little one will be 10 weeks old, which doesn't sound like much but it is to mama. I'm pretty sure just yesterday I was birthing an enormous child. Ahh, memories. :) Since the baby is two months old, I thought I'd write an Owen update. We went for a check-up last week and although he braved the shots like a champ, our pediatrician is still worried about his tummy. We're on a different gentle formula now and adding rice cereal to battle the reflux. I know some worry about the cereal making fat babies, but the kid weighed in at 13 pounds, 5 ounces. I'm pretty sure he was going to be plump, regardless. Fingers crossed, we've been on this combo for a week and I think it might finally be the one!

Despite the colic, the crying, and the reflux, I am head over heels in love with this baby boy. Look at that face!! When he stares up at me with those gorgeous brown eyes and his dimples pop up with a wide grin, I melt. When he kicks his legs, wiggles his arms, and manages to finally make "Goo!" escape his mouth, I fall in love a little more. I love being able to offer the comfort he needs and I'll take those extra snuggles any day. Heck, even when the crying spells are a distant memory, he'll probably still get extras. Just because. :) Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Praise & Preschool


Following a morning of praise and worship with my high school kids, we continued today's theme at Nathan's preschool program. When we first arrived, Nathan was a little nervous about performing in front of an audience, but once he met up with his buddies, he was ready to shine. Both sets of grandparents joined the boys and me as we watched Big Brother take the stage. I loved watching his precious face search for a familiar one before finally spotting us. A classic Nathan smile spread across his face and he got his hands ready for the Waves of Mercy! Although I spent most of that time trying to snap the above blurry photos, I remembered to switch to video during the tale of a hungry worm. Here's a snippet:

When the K3 kids received their last round of applause for that funny little song, the K4 class was presented, donned in caps and gowns. One by one, they received their preschool diplomas. I'm not afraid to admit I teared up for these kids, most of whom I've never met. Let's just say this time next year, I better come armed with a box of Kleenex and water-proof mascara.

As for now, I couldn't be prouder of my little boy. He has learned so much this school year. So much about letters and sharing, but more importantly, about the love of God. I've never met a more compassionate child and I know it's only the beginning of my amazement for him. Next year is his last of preschool, but it's only the start of something wonderful.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Magic Bubbles


Isn't it amazing how kids see magic in the simplest of things? Put a little soap and water together and it's a wonderland of swirling circles. Fun to create, to chase, and to pop! I love to watch Nathan run across the yard, watching behind him as the bubbles form from nothing. Children can see magic in the most overlooked parts of life. It's sad to say this ability fades along with childhood, but rest assured you can find it if you look for it. Sometimes you just have to open your eyes and see beyond the day-to-day. I am certain I will always see magic in this little boy. His sweet baby brother, too. :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mommy's Day

Today marked my first Mother's Day with two children in my arms and one watching the celebration from a much better place. And it was a fantastic celebration, indeed! We spent the day with both sets of grandparents at our house and enjoyed a delicious feast both cooked and cleaned up by the daddies. It was great to kick back, relax, and watch them work. We lounged in the sunshine, watching Nathan chase bubbles and Owen nap in the warm breeze. It is amazing to be surrounded by so much love - the two mothers who made our little family possible and the two boys who turned me into Mommy. When I watch those guys, I realize how lucky I am to enjoy motherhood. It's a miracle to even make a baby, let alone watch them grow up. How humbling it is to watch your children grow, learn and become part of the world. And it's all because two people fell in love. Happy Mother's Day to you all. Including the mothers in heaven, the mothers with babies in heaven, and those whose motherhood is still a dream.

It's a pretty important holiday. After all, if it weren't for mothers, none of us would be here. :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Baby Owen, Model

Little Owen and I ventured into the soggy front yard the other day to snap a few photos that should serve beautifully as Mother's Day gifts. (Here's hoping the grandmas don't surf the blog before tomorrow) Just in case, I'll only give you the above sneak peek of the shots we got. The ones in the basket outside aren't fantastic, but I thought the idea behind it was so cute! Plus, since Grammy and Poppy have ventured to the world-famous Nashville Peach Festival with little Nathan and Owen is taking a quick and quiet nap, there wouldn't be a better time to share these with you. I hope you enjoy these shots of my eight-week old who loves the camera. However, like any model, this one is quick to say when enough is enough:

Happy Saturday!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

So Studious

This is a pretty common occurrence in my household. I'll be watching TV or snuggling Owen (or both) and realize Nathan has slipped out of view. For most kids this is a warning sign that destruction is near, but for Nathan, he's usually somewhere surrounded by markers, crayons, and colored pencils. When I walked in on this precise moment, he looked up just long enough to say he was "doing some words." He had cat and car and, of course, Nathan and Owen written in perfect penmanship along with an awesome drawing of a race car. I probably should have taken a picture of his work, but perhaps that is a post for another day. :) As often as Nathan sits at his little Lightning McQueen table and lets his imagination roam free, his notebooks will be filled to the brim with pictures to share. You'll just have to keep coming back!