Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mommy's Day

Today marked my first Mother's Day with two children in my arms and one watching the celebration from a much better place. And it was a fantastic celebration, indeed! We spent the day with both sets of grandparents at our house and enjoyed a delicious feast both cooked and cleaned up by the daddies. It was great to kick back, relax, and watch them work. We lounged in the sunshine, watching Nathan chase bubbles and Owen nap in the warm breeze. It is amazing to be surrounded by so much love - the two mothers who made our little family possible and the two boys who turned me into Mommy. When I watch those guys, I realize how lucky I am to enjoy motherhood. It's a miracle to even make a baby, let alone watch them grow up. How humbling it is to watch your children grow, learn and become part of the world. And it's all because two people fell in love. Happy Mother's Day to you all. Including the mothers in heaven, the mothers with babies in heaven, and those whose motherhood is still a dream.

It's a pretty important holiday. After all, if it weren't for mothers, none of us would be here. :)

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