Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Splash

Despite the severe thunderstorms and torrential downfalls forecast for our region this weekend, we spent it basking in the glorious sun. The good ole redheaded cousins, their mama, and Grammy and Poppy came to Hope for the weekend, so we joined the gang for poolside festivities. There were hot dogs, dives, and plenty of splashing amid preschool giggles. Nathan is still a little apprehensive about the water, but he made great strides in only his first time out this year. I'm thinking we may have a little fish after all. Having Joley there to show off her expert swimming skills didn't hurt, either. Speaking of that little girl, it was so wonderful to see those kids back together again:


Nathan and Joley are hilarious together and it was so fun to introduce Baby Owen to his big cousins. Riley was super proud to hold his newest while the grown-ups took a break. We had such a fantastic time enjoying the almost-summertime with family. When it comes down to it, sometimes a swimsuits-only, barefoot kind of day is good for the soul. I look forward to many more this year. Maybe next time there will be a baby boy splashing right along. However, he seemed pretty content with this:

Hope your weekend was just as relaxing!

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