Friday, May 27, 2011

School's Out

Look at my baby grow!

This morning Nathan pulled on his backpack and headed to Mrs. Ruby's class for the last time. Today wrapped up his K3 school year, part two. Just look at the difference between today and a year ago today! It breaks my heart to see how much my little boy has grown over such a short period of time. Mrs. Ruby and I were reminiscing this morning about his first year. He came to her in pull-ups, speaking broken sentences, and terrified of what was to come. Now that baby is a a bright little kid. A loving, sensitive, compassionate individual who has turned into a wonderful student and a great friend. I am so unbelievably proud of the person he has become. Sure he'll be back next year for his final preschool run, but the year will fly by and I'll soon be sobbing through a first-day-of-kindergarten post. But for now, it's summer! I'm sure he will continue learning at his fantastic new summer daycare, but it's time to slow down, let loose, and be a kid. However, in honor of another great school year, take a peek at one of the many things he's learned this year. Here is Nathan, reciting the books of the New Testament:

Super impressive, right? Happy Last Day of School! :)

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