Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Garden Check

The last time I wrote about year two of veggie gardening was when my patch was first planted in late April. Last year when I skipped updates, it was because the garden was mostly dead. However, this posting drought comes from the fact that most plants are growing so splendidly I haven't had time to write about it. As predicted, lessons in the garden are only learned the hard way. None of my plants have drowned from over-watering, yellowed from shallow watering, or been stunted by lack of oxygen. I water weekly when it's hot and every few days I break out the garden tools and dig. We also check on progress daily. When the boys and I get home, we do a garden check, as Nathan has dubbed it. We meander past the beds, taking stock of new growth and keeping pests under control. Here's a peek into what we saw during today's check:

First you see a gorgeous white bloom on one of my bell pepper plants. These aren't as big as I'd like them to be, but they're green and thriving, so that's a plus. Second is one of my many teeny tomatoes growing on three different varieties of plants. Then there's the mighty okra. As was mentioned in my first post, okra is a new one. I am so very impressed by it. The stalks are hearty, the leaves are enormous, and every plant has a bud waiting to burst into a flower. The intro photo shows one of the two eggplants, growing new leaves every day. Not pictured are the cucumbers and watermelon. Both are growing, just a bit slower. I'm pleased to report that (as of today) everything is alive! Looking back at last year's posts, I'm proud of what I see. Lessons learned the hard way on the Bauer Farm, but lessons learned indeed. Happy Wednesday!

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