Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In the Garden

It's not been long since my last update, but there are many successes to share. I shouldn't brag too much, as the stinkbugs will overrun my tomatoes or a tornado will sweep through, but I can't help it. Everything in my garden is growing this year! Even the crops I was worried about decided to take off. Above, Nathan is showing off a trellis Jonathan made for my cucumbers, which began flowering today. Seeing as how they shriveled up and died last year, this is the first time I've seen this happen. The tendrils immediately wrapped onto the trellis and aren't letting go:

Fresh cukes are on their way! :)

As for actual food in the garden, I've been overwhelmed by the yummy okra we've harvested. Unfortunately, it made its way onto the dinner table before I could snap a pic, but don't worry, harvest pics should be plentiful this year. As for what's growing on the vine, take a peek:


Shown are two plump Early Girl tomatoes, a few green peppers, a sweet banana pepper, and some of that prized okra. I'm most impressed by the bell peppers today. They were yet another crop flop last year, so it's amazing to see those little buds form. To update you on the garden goodies not pictured, our eggplants are getting bigger by the day and just about to flower. And the watermelon... oh, the watermelon. It seems I didn't do my homework with those. They apparently need, oh upwards of 10 square feet just to vine. Needless to say, we may be pushing them off the tomatoes before long. But I'm happy the possibility of slicing up a watermelon is still there!

Again, I apologize for the frequent garden posts. However, it looks like this is just the beginning. :) I'll continue to make the boys pose by the veggies to add a dash of cuteness to my garden rants. Send your green vibes this way and there may be a bushel of okra in it for you.

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