Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bad News

There's no casualty just yet, but I have bad news. And it comes in the form of my most dreaded enemy - the squash bug. I thought I'd trick them this year by skipping all forms of squash after the zucchini incident last season. Turns out they like watermelon, too. They've chewed up the stems and many of the center leaves are dead. Upon closer inspection, I saw them mating! I quickly turned the garden non-organic with Sevin. This morning I saw no bugs and squished a handful of eggs. The adults could live through the apocolypse, though, so I expect to see more. If all else fails, I will pull the plants and prepare the area for fall. On the bright side, we're still doing MUCH better than last year. :)

Pure evil. Nathan says he is "a LITTLE bit cute, but mean to my garden." This is not my picture, I wouldn't dare get that close.

Tomatoes are still producing, but don't like the heat, the peppers plants are weighed down, and we've picked three cucumbers. However, these went in the trash! Ridiculous heat can turn cucumbers bitter, so I'm hoping they'll get yummier if the weather cools. We are still cutting a mess of okra and I have four eggplants growing merrily. See? A couple (re: probably dozens) of squash bugs can't keep me down! To prove my garden is still green for the most part, here's a peek:

Some of the bells growing daily on our six plants. Some will turn orange, but we've yet to see color.

Pretty little Early Girls. We've probably harvested 10 tomatoes overall. Both these and the Romas have a great taste this year.

I don't know much about eggplants, but this one is a beauty!

An itty-bitty teeny-weeny cucumber. He will likely be bitter, but hopefully his future cousins aren't.

This is one of the butterfly varieties that has made a home in this year's garden. We love to just sit and watch them.

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