Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lake Day

The Bauer family took to the waters Sunday and came home absolutely worn out and 100% satisfied. We rented a party barge on Lake DeGray and spent the day in the sun, catching fish, floating around, and cruising the open waves. It was Nathan's first time on a boat and the kid didn't hesitate for a second. I was even more amazed that he didn't think twice before jumping into the green waters below. He donned his life jacket and doggy paddled around! He also caught his first fish, not to mention the first catch of the day. Check it out:

Nathan's first lake day was a success and he's already asking when we can go back for more. It was wonderful watching the little guy explore something new and dive in head first (figuratively, I promise). I think the whole boating crew had a blast, despite the triple-digit temps. The ice-cold refreshments and a little SPF 85 paired with the ability to jump in the cool water at a moment's notice made for true, authentic fun in the sun. So much, in fact, that a nap even took place:

You've got to be pretty good at napping to catch an hour's worth in the middle of a lake on Fourth of July weekend. :) I sure hope your weekend was just as fantastic. Maybe we'll catch you sometime on the high seas!

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