Friday, August 19, 2011


I'm afraid my garden is in for some changes, so I thought I would share a few final records of my summer goods. Although the lush plants still reach for the sky and the grasping vines continue to trail, production has dwindled. (Don't be fooled by the first picture, the okra is still going wild.) I'm proud that well into August my plants are pretty, but I'm past due to pull summer crops and plant fall. The fact that it's still 425 degrees out helps, but I think it's time.

I believe we'll start by pulling the watermelon vines and perhaps plant some butternut squash for Owen. There has been no new fruit in weeks and the majority of them rotted young. The vines have completely taken over their part of the 4x8 bed and most of the grass around it. There are two lone soldiers that may or may not be ripe. I think we've decided to cut them and have a taste test this weekend. I'll keep you posted. Although these sprawling vines didn't produce the multitudes that you imagined, I am thrilled that something actually grew. Success!

Next to go will be (some or all of) the tomatoes. These plants are taller than me, and produced the most delicious fruits this year. Unfortunately, the cruel temperatures meant the number of tomatoes was much lower. They're barely producing and I think the hornworms have finally found them. I'm not sure what to replace them with, but carrots or greens may go nicely. Maybe even green beans!

Then there are the beautiful cucumber vines, loyally climbing their trellises and growing little green guys. However, the bitterness has stuck around. I've had two or three tasty cukes, but most have gone straight into the trash. I'm thinking beans or peas there, since the trellis is already installed.

To be honest, however, who knows what will happen. My garden is so gorgeous this year, my next post may be of lush, green, and barren summer crops. :) Hopefully not, though. I'll be on the lookout for some extra motivation and cooler temperatures to begin the demo of summer veggies and the sowing of fall seeds. Until then, wear sunscreen, keep your hands dirty, and dream of changing seasons. Happy Friday!

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