Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Today my tiny little baby turned five months old. I'd be a liar if I said the first few colicky weeks flew by; however, I have no idea where months 2-5 went. Because of the speed with which babies grow, I thought I'd remind you of his cuteness. :) As of yesterday, Owen has two teeth. He officially smashed Nathan's record for early teething. Other tricks include rolling from front to back like a champ, holding up his big noggin, and laughing at everything I do - a Bauer boy requirement, as you know. I'm not exactly sure of his weight, but by the way he fills out his size 3 dipes, I'd bet he's past 18 pounds. Who knows what amazing milestones he will reach next (fingers crossed crawling is months away...), so I'm cherishing this tiny step in his life. These baby days go away too quickly, so I take time to stop and smell the roses - dirty diapers and all. Happy Wednesday!

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