Monday, August 8, 2011

Still Picking

I know you've not seen my garden in a few weeks now, but rest assured, I'm still picking! The above was the harvest today, a couple of cucumbers, a pair of tomatoes, a handful of bell and banana peppers and a bucketful of okra. Well actually the okra had been accumulating over the past three days, but I'm still counting it. Despite the fact that the temps have hovered around 110 for close to a month, nothing in the garden is dead. Dying, probably, but dead, no. I have four trooper watermelons and the eggplants are riddled with baby purples. My water bill wasn't very pretty, but the fresh tastes are worth it (I think). Hopefully the rain will soon return and the air will be breathable. Any hope of a fall garden is merely a dream.

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