Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Soccer Star

I'm not sure if this counts as an official soccer pose, but it's cute regardless. I've been busy lately, and it's mostly due to my new title - soccer mom. We made our debut into peewee sports when Nathan stepped foot onto the futbol field dressed in the tiniest jersey, shin guards, and cleats I've ever seen. And he loves it! He's on a team with kids who have played for a few years, but Nathan does his best to keep up. And even when he doesn't, his grin is permanent. I don't care if he knows what he's doing, if he runs the wrong way, or if his foot even makes contact with the ball. As long as that grin is there, I'm satisfied!

He's had three games so far and his fourth is Thursday. I get so into it that I've neglected camera duty, other than this mid-game snap. Next time I'll catch him in action because, trust me, you want to see this. Nothing compares to the look on his face when he realizes the ball is rolling his way. He is usually proud of his accomplishments, but he walks a little taller in his jersey. The best part about that? After each game, he has no idea who won. At four years old, all he knows is that he is part of something. Part of a team. And that is more than enough cause for pride. That and carrying on the McDonald's team legacy. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Growing

Since we're closing in on the kick-off to autumn, I thought an update on the first ever Bauer Family Fall Garden would be appropriate. On September 9, Jonathan tilled two of my three beds. Nathan and I planted carrots and green beans in one bed and lettuce and spinach in the other. We're still looking for pea seed, but that may have to wait until spring. This is the first time our entire garden has been directly seeded and it's such a fun learning experience for Nathan. Every day we go out back and search for specks of green that have burst through the soil from our tiny seeds. It's fascinating! As for the summer crops, we're still getting okra. The plants look sad, but I'll keep around them until they refuse to grow food.

Pictured is one of our bean sprouts. Many carrots have popped up too; in unexpected locations, however, thanks to a burrowing armadillo. We're still waiting on lettuce and spinach to germinate, but I think the warm temperatures are at fault. There's nothing to do but stare at the dirt and hope! Happy Wednesday.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Looks like Owen's going to take after his brother when it comes to playground equipment. Nathan could pump his legs and slice through the air for days if we'd let him and this one will probably follow right along. This is just a small snapshot of the happiness/cuteness of this weekend. My boys spent their time surrounded by grandparents, in honor of the holiday, soaking up the love in every second. Hope your weekend was just as sweet. Happy Sunday.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


In keeping with Bauer tradition, Owen got his first taste of real food today, two days before the six-month mark. It was none other than the family favorite, butternut squash. The first several spoonfuls brought out the above expression. I'm not sure if it was the texture, the taste, or all of the above, but it made the rest of us giggle. He eventually got the hang of a spoon, and I bet he'll be begging for squash in no time. This is such a fun age to see a little personality start to develop in Baby O. Hopefully the stink face doesn't become a permanent part of said personality. :)

Yum! Happy Thursday, everybody.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Owen's Jig

Owen loves his jumper, but his technique is a bit different than that of his big brother. When Nathan received this awesome toy, he took to bouncing like crazy right away. Owen, however, seems to prefer this little one-foot jig. Either option is ridiculously adorable and video worthy. You're welcome. Happy Friday!