Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Soccer Star

I'm not sure if this counts as an official soccer pose, but it's cute regardless. I've been busy lately, and it's mostly due to my new title - soccer mom. We made our debut into peewee sports when Nathan stepped foot onto the futbol field dressed in the tiniest jersey, shin guards, and cleats I've ever seen. And he loves it! He's on a team with kids who have played for a few years, but Nathan does his best to keep up. And even when he doesn't, his grin is permanent. I don't care if he knows what he's doing, if he runs the wrong way, or if his foot even makes contact with the ball. As long as that grin is there, I'm satisfied!

He's had three games so far and his fourth is Thursday. I get so into it that I've neglected camera duty, other than this mid-game snap. Next time I'll catch him in action because, trust me, you want to see this. Nothing compares to the look on his face when he realizes the ball is rolling his way. He is usually proud of his accomplishments, but he walks a little taller in his jersey. The best part about that? After each game, he has no idea who won. At four years old, all he knows is that he is part of something. Part of a team. And that is more than enough cause for pride. That and carrying on the McDonald's team legacy. :)

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