Saturday, October 29, 2011

Autumn Harvest

This year's trial-and-error fall garden took a hard hit a few weeks ago. There were a couple mornings of October frost. Now, that surprise definitely wasn't factored into my garden zone calendar. We lost all the carrots, which I thought were frost-tolerant. However, I knew the green beans were not so they were saved by a couple of old bed sheets. There are dead leaves from where the frosty ice rested on the sheets, but the plants are still alive. They've even started showing signs of flowering. Who knows if we'll make it to beans before frost, but at least I've learned a lesson or two. (ex: plant EARLIER!)

In my other bed, we planted various lettuces and spinach. These crops actually loved the frost and this morning I harvested the majority of a salad bowl lettuce plant (pictured above). That should make for a yummy salad with dinner. I actually spent time sitting in the garden, sampling leaves like a rabbit, and they tasted alright to me. :) Hopefully those frosts will stay away for a few more weeks and we will have beans to share before the darkness of winter takes over. Even if it does come before then, enjoy a bit of photographic evidence proving that I did grow vegetables this fall:

Green bean blossom peeking out among the frost damage:

Pretty little butter crunch lettuce forming a head:

Dark green spinach leaves growing in the cooling temps:

And of course, I couldn't do it without my helpers:

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