Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Time for an update, huh? This October we have been so preoccupied with dominating the soccer field, acing preschool lessons and watching a baby grow to dangerous levels of cute. As it turns out, I've neglected to update you. :) So here we go, a very quick version.

Grammy spent last week with the little guys and me while Jonathan was in Chicago, graduating from Hamburger University at the top of his class. We are super proud of him, and super happy that he's finally finished! Nathan has had a blast with soccer - the kid even scored the winning goal during a kick-off to break a tie last week. Mama sure was proud. :) Baby O has gotten two new teeth this month, mastered sitting up, and seems just about ready to crawl. He's devoured every flavor of mush I've prepared and can't seem to get enough! He's also the most adorable baby in town, but I could be biased. As I sit here looking at about 278 recent photos, I thought I'd just stick a couple on here. (Don't miss the Halloween sneak peek!) Hope you're having a fantastic October, too. Happy Tuesday!

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