Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Thing About Babies

In the seven months that he has lived with one, Nathan has learned a thing or two about babies. He's learned that they're absolute drool machines, they can reach sound levels he never thought possible, and they eat mushed-up peas like they're going out of style. Yuck!

In his infinite wisdom, however, big bro has also learned a few fun things about the silly bundle we brought from the hospital. You should hear Nathan sing Owen's praises when he catches him sitting up by himself or babbling syllables! His entire face beams when he's the only person who can make Owen laugh himself silly. Baby O is enamored with his big brother and, despite the hair pulling, toy drooling, and mush faces, I'm pretty sure Nathan loves him, too. So much that Nathan loves brotherly photo shoots. Unfortunately, the thing about babies is that they don't stay little and they don't stay still. :) Happy Thursday.

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