Monday, November 14, 2011

Weather Tease

Yesterday was the picture-perfect spring afternoon, spent with dirty hands and T-shirts, leaned over garden beds with shovels in hand and hope on our faces. Too bad it was November.

What a tease! After a few early freezes and then temps soaring into the 80s, the bean plants flowered, but decided to stop there. I don't blame them. Since the weather was so nice, we spent the afternoon pulling them up, turning the soil, and getting the garden ready up for winter. If I wasn't so good at keeping up with my calendar, my two empty beds looked perfect for spring planting. Oh well, I know spring will follow whatever winter comes to us, it always does. Although we didn't do much but pull dead plants, Nathan had a blast finding worm families in the healthy dirt. Yes, he touched them. No, I'm not sure when this tolerance developed. :) OH! And worms weren't the only thing I was shocked to see Nathan lift from the ground:

Look at that carrot! Nathan and I were pulling weeds both in and around the bed when he made this discovery. It was growing outside of the bed. I suppose the ground didn't freeze as quickly as the soil in the beds did and this carrot was well on its way! Isn't it adorable? It wasn't quite ready to eat, but it was ready for its close-up. Hope you guys enjoyed this unseasonable weather. It may not have been right on timing, but it sure was perfect for me. Happy Monday!

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