Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Christmas Pig

Near the end of every fall semester, Nathan's preschool puts on a Christmas program. This year was no different. The only change, really, was that he was dressed as a pig. :) The children acted out the nativity and it was great! Although Nathan can't seem to find an oinker in our nativity scenes, he was still thrilled to rock the show. His pig-ear sweatband, pipe-cleaner tail and toilet paper roll nose (which he wore as a necklace) made for the best singing pig I've ever seen. The preschoolers, all dressed as animals, sang "Away in the Manager" and I could hear Nathan's voice, loud and clear. I could even see the sideways glances he passed around when a classmate began to speed things up or sing off-key. Singing is serious business when it comes to little gray pigs.

As for the rest of the Bauers, we have had a wonderful beginning of December (minus baby's first ear infection!) We're all constantly channeling the holiday spirit, from decking our halls with Christmas sparkle to becoming Christmas ninjas in hiding/wrapping presents while going undetected. Believe me, that last part is getting harder every year. We're counting down the days until our Aunt B joins us from Maine and then we'll all count down the days until our favorite holiday, together. Have a lovely Sunday!

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