Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sunday Adventures

What a weekend this little adventurer had!

Lucky for us, the rain stayed away and the temperatures cleared the 60-mark long enough for Nathan to take his adventures outdoors. He tossed pine cones into the creek, played a quick game of soccer, and set up camp in the sprawling fence line trees. Rather than describe in detail this very special Sunday adventure, I'll let you draw your own conclusions through quotes. These quips stuck in my mind so hopefully I'm remembering them accurately. Enjoy!
  • "Raise your hands if you want to go on a creek expedition!"
  • "Do you want to walk into the blueberry forest? Click here for yes. Yes? OK!"
  • "We better not eat these. I'm sure they're poison."
  • "Mom, pass me that ax. It's chopping time."
  • "That brachiosaurus may be a plant eater, but the bad news is we look a little bit like plants!"
  • "It's angry, but guess what? Paleontologists have guns!"

Happy Tuesday from my me and my little adventurer, who is now tucked tight under his covers, dreaming of what he'll find on his next trip to the great backyard.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Blanky Baby

No paci or worn-out stuffed animal for this kid.

My baby's lovey of choice is a blanky. From early on, Owen latched onto these muslin swaddle blankets by aden + anais. I buy them here at half-price when they're available or you can grab a slightly thinner version at Target. To help with laundry days, we've developed a small collection and Owen loves them all.

Owen uses these blankets for the ultimate snuggles, games of peekaboo, to help those pesky teeth come through, and to wipe up excess spit-up or drool (it's true). It pretty much stays at his side at all times. He's even developed a habit of draping one across his back before crawling room to room. And anyone who has ever put the kid to sleep knows that he needs his blanky to rub in his little hands while he drifts away. It's his security, it's his baby, and it makes for cute photos. So cute that I had to snap a few during blanky fun time this morning. :)

Happy Friday from Owen & his sidekick!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Nathan has developed a reputation for being a ham. There should be no doubt after watching this video. Basically I delete (or text) a dozen or so of these little gems a week. I figured I should go ahead and make this one public, as you never know when my oldest will be destined for AFV fame. And we wonder why the little one is so silly.

Some Owen

Here are just a few Owen faces that may lift your spirits and warm your hearts on a wet and dreary Thursday. Even if your hearts aren't cold, I bet these photos from last night will at least get a giggle or two. Look at his crazy hair. And his crazy cheeks! Happy Thursday, y'all.

PS: About two seconds after I uploaded that last picture, a chubby little finger pushed the glowing blue button to turn off the computer and delete my work, while knocking over an impressive stack of magazines. I was given the most pitiful pout/cry known to man the second the words "No, no, Owen!" left my mouth. Yep, I'd say the last photo in this set is the most accurate today. Nap time, anyone? :)

Friday, January 20, 2012


"Hi! My name is Nathan. This is my little brother. When he grows up, we're gonna be friendship!"
- An excerpt from one of Nathan's many Aunt B videos.

This picture is a first. Well, a first for me. Once, many moons ago, Grammy and Poppy talked Nathan into bathing with his pint-sized partner. That day he decided no baby will grace his bath water and ever since, getting clean has been a two-part affair. Until last night.

Last night I pointed out to Nathan that Owen was growing up and asked if he would like to try again. Much to my surprise, he agreed! The two splashed, made silly faces, and laughed quite a bit. Jonathan and I reveled in the two-for-one deal that knocked a few minutes off the bedtime routine. I've said over and over that the friendship between these Bauer boys will be a special one, but isn't it much cuter in the nude? Yes, I thought so. Happy Friday!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On the Road

Most commuters loathe their daily drives. I am lucky to count my lonely highway as a blessing.

Almost every day, I drive on this road. Typically it's just me, the road, and a few passing cars. The skies are alive, whether with clouds, storms, or simply blue. The old trees protect me and the world is at peace. I have a sleeping baby (sometimes a sleeping four-year-old) strapped into the backseat. I gather my thoughts, I plan my day, and I talk to God.

Sometimes, though, it's not so quiet. Yesterday afternoon I was driving the boys home. Nathan changes the conversation to all of the things God made, from the dirt under his shoes to the kids in his class. I told him he should give thanks and the kid says he has to pause his Leapster so he can pray:

"Heavenly Father, thanks for making everything that I can see (pause) and for making everything that I can't see, like the ocean. Amen."

Well, how do you like that? My commute is usually quiet, peaceful, and reflective, but this was better. I'm not sure who has done what right with this little boy, but someone was spot on. You never can tell what words will emerge when a four-year-old opens his mouth. Apparently the same thoughts that pass through my mind when I drive, marveling at nature and the handiwork behind it, are coursing through my child at the same speed. I often can't see the blessings in my life, but, like Nathan, I am still thankful. Happy Tuesday.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Quiet Time

Not my house, but check out these incredible blankets.

All this morning and into the afternoon, the only sounds in my house have been the gentle hum of the dryer and the pages of a good book turning one after the other.

I know the name of this blog is "Life With the Bauer Boys" but sometimes it's nice (read: amazing) to have a little time without. Last night Jonathan and I enjoyed a no-kids date night. Dinner and the giant book store. Delightful! This morning he left for work and left me cozy in bed. Since then I've had time to clean, enjoy a long chat with an old friend, and get caught up in a book under a warm blanket. I love Owen and Nathan with all my heart and more, but boy, does an ounce of quiet time do wonders for the soul. Soon my husband will be home with some new living room furniture to assemble, followed by a trip to get our noise-makers.

I promise the next post will feature cute pictures and a wealth of adventures from this blog's namesakes. For now, though, take a few minutes for yourself if you can. Go into your bedroom, close the door and take a deep breath. Quiet time is golden, enjoy each moment you can take. Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Months Fly By

This is Baby Owen. Ten months ago, I first saw his ten little fingers and ten little toes. In this picture, he looks like a baby, sweetly snoozing with his blanky grasped firmly; however, that word "baby" is starting to fade. It's amazing how much he has grown in the past 10 months - heck, the past two weeks! He's crawling with lightning speed, eating every grown-up food we offer, and pulling up (gasp!) on everything from the coffee table to the crib. He understands me even though he can't talk, and he loves his family deeply. It seems my smallest is only a toddle away from a new category of youth.

Although it's bittersweet to watch your babies grow, I'm excited. I'm anxious to hear Owen's first words, let go as he takes his first steps, and spy on the adventures he and Nathan create. I want to know his favorite things and find out if he'll be as mischievous as he seems.

That being said, I'm in no rush. For as long as I can, I'll keep handing him his blanky, pulling him into my lap, and singing, straight into those dark brown eyes. Happy ten months to Baby Owen and happy Tuesday to you!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two-Man Team

Here are a few pictures I came across while going through the holiday archives this afternoon. I noticed something crazy in these photos and in real life lately: I have two kids. Shocking, I know. It's just baffling to see Nathan play with Owen and then see Owen respond. Owen stares at his brother with admiration in his eyes. He laughs at everything Nathan does, speed crawls to keep up with him, and delights when his big brother sits down beside him with a toy. Nathan is an outstanding big brother and I'm seeing that more and more as this two-kid team develops. Who knows what wacky adventures these Bauer boys will get into over the years, but you can bet I'll have a front row seat.

And probably take lots of ridiculous pictures throughout:

Happy Thursday, everybody.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello, 2012

Nathan lifts a glass (of Sparkling Grape Juice) to wish you and yours a happy, prosperous, and all-around fantastic new year! We can't wait to see what 2012 holds for the Bauer family.