Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sunday Adventures

What a weekend this little adventurer had!

Lucky for us, the rain stayed away and the temperatures cleared the 60-mark long enough for Nathan to take his adventures outdoors. He tossed pine cones into the creek, played a quick game of soccer, and set up camp in the sprawling fence line trees. Rather than describe in detail this very special Sunday adventure, I'll let you draw your own conclusions through quotes. These quips stuck in my mind so hopefully I'm remembering them accurately. Enjoy!
  • "Raise your hands if you want to go on a creek expedition!"
  • "Do you want to walk into the blueberry forest? Click here for yes. Yes? OK!"
  • "We better not eat these. I'm sure they're poison."
  • "Mom, pass me that ax. It's chopping time."
  • "That brachiosaurus may be a plant eater, but the bad news is we look a little bit like plants!"
  • "It's angry, but guess what? Paleontologists have guns!"

Happy Tuesday from my me and my little adventurer, who is now tucked tight under his covers, dreaming of what he'll find on his next trip to the great backyard.

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