Friday, January 20, 2012


"Hi! My name is Nathan. This is my little brother. When he grows up, we're gonna be friendship!"
- An excerpt from one of Nathan's many Aunt B videos.

This picture is a first. Well, a first for me. Once, many moons ago, Grammy and Poppy talked Nathan into bathing with his pint-sized partner. That day he decided no baby will grace his bath water and ever since, getting clean has been a two-part affair. Until last night.

Last night I pointed out to Nathan that Owen was growing up and asked if he would like to try again. Much to my surprise, he agreed! The two splashed, made silly faces, and laughed quite a bit. Jonathan and I reveled in the two-for-one deal that knocked a few minutes off the bedtime routine. I've said over and over that the friendship between these Bauer boys will be a special one, but isn't it much cuter in the nude? Yes, I thought so. Happy Friday!

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