Saturday, January 14, 2012

Quiet Time

Not my house, but check out these incredible blankets.

All this morning and into the afternoon, the only sounds in my house have been the gentle hum of the dryer and the pages of a good book turning one after the other.

I know the name of this blog is "Life With the Bauer Boys" but sometimes it's nice (read: amazing) to have a little time without. Last night Jonathan and I enjoyed a no-kids date night. Dinner and the giant book store. Delightful! This morning he left for work and left me cozy in bed. Since then I've had time to clean, enjoy a long chat with an old friend, and get caught up in a book under a warm blanket. I love Owen and Nathan with all my heart and more, but boy, does an ounce of quiet time do wonders for the soul. Soon my husband will be home with some new living room furniture to assemble, followed by a trip to get our noise-makers.

I promise the next post will feature cute pictures and a wealth of adventures from this blog's namesakes. For now, though, take a few minutes for yourself if you can. Go into your bedroom, close the door and take a deep breath. Quiet time is golden, enjoy each moment you can take. Happy Saturday!

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