Friday, January 27, 2012

Blanky Baby

No paci or worn-out stuffed animal for this kid.

My baby's lovey of choice is a blanky. From early on, Owen latched onto these muslin swaddle blankets by aden + anais. I buy them here at half-price when they're available or you can grab a slightly thinner version at Target. To help with laundry days, we've developed a small collection and Owen loves them all.

Owen uses these blankets for the ultimate snuggles, games of peekaboo, to help those pesky teeth come through, and to wipe up excess spit-up or drool (it's true). It pretty much stays at his side at all times. He's even developed a habit of draping one across his back before crawling room to room. And anyone who has ever put the kid to sleep knows that he needs his blanky to rub in his little hands while he drifts away. It's his security, it's his baby, and it makes for cute photos. So cute that I had to snap a few during blanky fun time this morning. :)

Happy Friday from Owen & his sidekick!

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