Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On the Road

Most commuters loathe their daily drives. I am lucky to count my lonely highway as a blessing.

Almost every day, I drive on this road. Typically it's just me, the road, and a few passing cars. The skies are alive, whether with clouds, storms, or simply blue. The old trees protect me and the world is at peace. I have a sleeping baby (sometimes a sleeping four-year-old) strapped into the backseat. I gather my thoughts, I plan my day, and I talk to God.

Sometimes, though, it's not so quiet. Yesterday afternoon I was driving the boys home. Nathan changes the conversation to all of the things God made, from the dirt under his shoes to the kids in his class. I told him he should give thanks and the kid says he has to pause his Leapster so he can pray:

"Heavenly Father, thanks for making everything that I can see (pause) and for making everything that I can't see, like the ocean. Amen."

Well, how do you like that? My commute is usually quiet, peaceful, and reflective, but this was better. I'm not sure who has done what right with this little boy, but someone was spot on. You never can tell what words will emerge when a four-year-old opens his mouth. Apparently the same thoughts that pass through my mind when I drive, marveling at nature and the handiwork behind it, are coursing through my child at the same speed. I often can't see the blessings in my life, but, like Nathan, I am still thankful. Happy Tuesday.

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